Episode 8: A Day in the Life of Passion

June 26, 2019

Most newly working adults could probably relate - after the fluttering unfamiliarity of your first adult job dissipates, your 9-6 work schedule (how is that even legal anyways?!) with your 2-3 hour commute (which is terrible for your back) leaves you with no energy to do anything else except scroll through social media for 3 hours on your couch until you finally drag yourself to go shower. Trying to fit in all of your errands and housework on the weekends is easy enough, until you realize you need to leave time to hang out with your friends, hit the gym, maintain some hobbies. Is it just us, or does it feel impossible to do ALL of this and be as creative and adventurous as we were in college?
Long ass intro aside, we want to let you know that - SAME. We feel you. Today we discuss how we keep our brains fresh and our hearts passionate as modern day working adults.

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