Episode 74: Tech Culture: Breaking Barriers (ft. Mayuko)

Nov 4, 2020

Silicon Valley is the pinnacle of technology - so much so that you can’t go anywhere without being reminded of it! Whether it’s the tech company logos on everyone’s laptops or the constant conversations on which start-up will IPO next, tech culture imbues both work and personal life in the Bay Area.
Today we are delighted to feature Mayuko Inoue, a Content Creator and Software Engineer who is breaking down barriers in tech culture. Not only does she demystify the world of tech in her informative YouTube videos, she also makes coding seem fun and chill through her co-working streams on Twitch. Don’t miss today’s episode where we talk about the importance of diversity in tech, discuss our favorite (and least favorite) parts of tech culture, and explore what it’s like to be an Asian-American woman in STEM!

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