Episode 71: Making Change: Voting & Beyond

October 14, 2020

Election Day is coming up! If you can vote, please do. Not only is voting important for the Presidential race, it’s also crucial to pass propositions that can transform your state and community. And what about for those of us who can’t vote? Today we bring on two friends, Neil and Richard, to guide us through different ways we can make change, whether it’s through voting or through other means!
Neil Park McClintick is a political organizer, current Chair of the grassroots coalition Cupertino for All, and former Poli Sci major at UC Berkeley joining us with tips on getting involved on a more local level. Richard Lim is a current Researcher and coordinator at Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center, and former History / Asian-American studies major at UC Berkeley, with an abundance of insight on historical events and the current Asian-American climate.

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