Episode 62: An Honest Conversation on Salaries

August 12, 2020

Disclaimer: This episode focuses on Bay Area cost of living and average salaries. We recognize that location is a huge factor in the variance of salaries/pay rates.

Parents often tell their kids not to talk about money because it’s rude, without explaining why they think it’s rude. But growing up, it’s not difficult to realize why having conversations about money are so awkward. In a capitalistic society where money = merit and money = power, we start to evaluate our own self-worth and happiness on money.
Today we wanted to have an open, vulnerable conversation about our salaries and how we manage our money as 24 year olds in the San Francisco Bay Area. While we don’t believe this episode should be a “guide” to managing money (we are noobs, please do your own research), we hope our honesty about our anxiety around salaries, saving, and investing ring true with many of you :)

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