Episode 59: Normalize Career Changes

July 22, 2020

Before some of us are even 18 years old, we pick a major at college that determines our course load for the next 4 years. The classes we take and our halfway-complete degree lands us some internships that we accept to “gain experience” (aka slap some big names on our resume). Our internship experience kick-starts our professional adult career, often in the same path that we’ve been on since we were a teenager.
For many of us, our 18-year old selves had a good enough guess of our skills and passions. For many of us, our 18-year old selves had no idea what we were doing.
Today, Tiffany (@skin_unfiltered) shares how she, a risk-averse accountant, quit her job at a Big 4 company to pursue her dreams of becoming an esthetician. Catch our episode to hear some skincare tips, our rant about Silicon Valley “clout”, and behind-the-scenes tea of being a SKINfluencer!

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