Episode 57: #MeToo: Listening to Womxn

July 8, 2020

CW: We discuss heavy topics such as sexual harassment, sexual assault, and r*pe culture in this episode.

If you live in California, or are a big fan of video games, you may have seen the resurgence of the Me Too movement where many brave women are coming forward to share their story of sexual assault. Many of these women were assaulted by famous video game content creators, but many were made victims by their own friends and peers.
While it is painful to hear accounts of sexual assault, we believe it’s imperative to examine what perpetuates this behavior. In American media, we often see misogynstic values or gender stereotypes that normalize predatory behavior towards women. And as consumers of American media, it can often be difficult not to internalize these thoughts in ourselves as well.
Today we tackle what we call “rape culture”, or societal attitudes towards gender and sexuality that increases the prevalence of rape.

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