Episode 56: Life Lessons With Cat Comics (ft Susie Yi, @catandcatcomics)

July 1, 2020

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Cat & Cat comics on Instagram, you’ve probably spent half an afternoon reading the stories of cute cats with BIG personalities. But don’t let the furry little things fool you - behind the round, wholesome art style belies life lessons and emotional healing that you didn’t even know you needed!
Today we are super excited to feature the mastermind behind the beloved Cat & Cat comics - illustrator Susie Yi channels her passions for social justice and mental health awareness through her art, featuring her own pets and incorporating whimsical elements as well.
As a self-taught illustrator with over 280k fans on Instagram, Susie shares with us her journey from pre-med @Harvard to CS @UChicago to the world of freelance art. Tune in to catch our discussion on the obligation to social justice for an artist and whether you can celebrate someone’s art if they’re a shitty person.

Check out Susie's art:

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