Episode 54: #BLM: Becoming Better Allies

June 17, 2020

The Asian-American community has often been criticized for staying quiet. Not only is this visible in our low political engagement or silence in the face of flagrant social problems, our complicity (inadvertent or not) is also quite strikingly symbolized in Officer Tou Thao’s complicity in the murder of George Floyd.
While this movement has motivated a lot of Asian-Americans to take action, the various methods of support have received some criticism, including call-outs of performative allyship and stealing the spotlight from the black community.
Today we discuss the different forms of support we’ve seen in our community, share thoughts on what it takes to become a better ally, and navigate how to turn our support into long-term, sustainable allyship.

Here are some resources that we found helpful:
A masterlist of petitions, funds, political info, and educational material || credit: @minstantramen
Compilation of translations for letters on anti-blackness
Documentaries on black history available on Netflix
Just Mercy film is free for June.


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