Episode 53: #BLM: Asians Calling Out Asians (including ourselves)

June 3, 2020

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by a white cop as an Asian-American officer and two others stood by without intervening. This is not an isolated incident - this is just one example of how the American justice system has failed the black community time and time again.
To us, the Asian-American officer who stood by watching, is also a symbol. Anti-blackness has been rampant in the Asian-American community for a long time. We want to help change that. Through one uncomfortable conversation at a time, including a conversation with ourselves to reflect on our own racial bias, we believe that as non-black POC, we have the responsibility to help change the world for our black brothers and sisters.
The purpose of this episode is to share our efforts in being a good ally. For us, that starts with calling out racism in ourselves and working on unlearning our own racial bias. We also share our experiences on navigating uncomfortable conversations about racism with our family members and our friends, and hope it can encourage anyone in similar situations to start these conversations as well.

Here are some resources that we found helpful:
A masterlist of petitions, funds, political info, and educational material || credit: @minstantramen
Compilation of translations for letters on anti-blackness
Documentaries on black history available on Netflix
Just Mercy film is free for June.


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