Episode 49: Let's Talk About K-Pop!

May 6, 2020

Calling all K-Pop fans and music lovers to the stand! We brought on two of our resident K-Pop experts to discuss stan culture, the different expectations of artists in Korea, and what going “mainstream” REALLY means in the US.
Also, exciting announcement - next week will be Eat Your Crust’s 50th episode (and unofficial 1 year anniversary)!!! To celebrate, we’re popping the champagne, cutting the cake, and asking YOU for some questions!
If you'd like to send a question anonymously, click here and we will answer it on our upcoming episode. You can also shoot us a DM on IG @eatyourcrustpod or send us an email at eatyourcrustpod@gmail.com :-)

Thank you always for your love and support ❤ ️

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