Episode 4: A Little Privacy PLS

May 29, 2019

Find My Friends, Facebook ads, spam calls… They’re always watching you! Today we talk about how to find that perfect sweet spot between technology and privacy (if it even exists).

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16:13 “websites where you type in your name and address comes up” - Spokeo is one of the more well-known sites that store such information.
18:55 Facebook scandal is referring to what started with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and has grown into a whole debacle over what companies can and can't do (and what they actually are doing) with our individual information. Now Facebook is tied up in various controversies and more scandals, honestly we can barely keep up now too.
32:55 "use that voice" meaning the spam callers record your voice on the phone.
37:25 If you want to see the videos of people hacking the spam callers' computers,YouTuber Kitboga has a collection of spam caller revenge videos.
38:35 "receiving a gift card from spam callers" was remembered slightly wrong here; what happened was people would use the scam caller's tactics right back at them. Kitboga once again has an example of this.
44:20 "deep fakes" are referring to convincingly doctored videos/images/audio using artificial intelligence (and often, an NVIDIA graphics card).