Episode 37: The Balancing Act: Start-Ups & Sustainability (ft. Michelle Zhu, Tinctorium Bio)

February 12, 2020

There’s a balance between not working hard enough and working too hard. There’s also a balance between carefully making an informed decision, and being cripplingly risk-averse. In the start-up space, balance is crucial. This week we invite Michelle, CEO of startup Tinctorium Bio, to chat about how she finds balance in her life and explore how she took the leap of faith into co-founding a start-up.
Michelle and her co-founder Tammy seek to provide a sustainable alternative to the harmful (and pollutant!) indigo dye in denim. Tinctorium Bio has been featured in global publications such as Newsweek and BBC and is an industry-leading start-up to keep an eye out for!

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