Episode 3: Insta-ntly Addicted

May 22, 2019

Our generation basically grew up as the Internet did too. Was the Internet your first friend? Did you grow up addicted, or deprived? And now, as adults, how do you utilize your social media?
This week we explore how we grew up with (un)limited internet access. We also chat about instas, finstas, baby instas, and ads in social media.
Reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta, twitter, facebook, or gmail - let us know how many snapchat streaks (fire) you have or what your favorite thing to flex on insta is ;)

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14:00 The "Momo challenge" is apparently a challenge that puts kids through dares that eventually lead up to a final dare of killing themselves. It is unclear if it is a real challenge that took lives or just a viral hoax. Read more. (Warning, there are some creepy pics in the article)
14:30 "White... something" Actually referring to what was called the "Blue Whale game/challenge", very similar to the "Momo challenge" but confirmed to be the cause of over 100 deaths in over 20 countries.
15:30 Meatsp*n, Blue W*ffle, 2 G*rls 1 C*p - NSFW!!! We strongly discourage you from looking this up.
44:30 - Fashion Nova - A women's fashion eCommerce website marketed as being affordable and thicc-girl-friendly. It had HUGE marketing campaigns all over YouTube, meme instas, Facebook, etc a few years ago.
50:00 - Adblockers - so useful, please do yourself a favor and download one!!!