Episode 162: Body Image & Food Freedom

August 31, 2022

CW: This episode contains some references to body image issues and restricted eating.
Today we bring on Elise Liu, registered dietician & nutritionist, from the Craving Food Freedom podcast to discuss all things body image & food-related! We explore the way our childhood experiences & cultural background continue to affect the way we see our bodies and food. Elise also takes us through how she became a dietician and the nuanced ways she helps her clients unlearn restrictive habits and embrace intuitive eating!
We also did an episode on Elise's podcast, Craving Food Freedom - check out ep 67 Adulting as Children of Immigrants! Craving Food Freedom is a podcast about creating a healthier relationship with food, free from bingeing, food obsession, and dieting. It's hosted by Elise Liu, an intuitive eating dietitian based in the Silicon Valley. As a child of immigrants, Elise knows firsthand how trauma, lack of belonging, and low self-worth can wreak havoc on one's relationship with food and body. Her private practice and podcast focuses on helping millennials TRUST themselves around food, develop self worth outside of their bodies, and become more intuitive eaters.

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