Episode 113: #GIRLTALK: Time Management & Relationships

Sept 1, 2021

It often feels like there's not enough hours in the day - between managing your job and/or schoolwork, taking care of your health, and pursuing your hobbies and goals, relationships can add another layer of difficulty for managing your time. Today we discuss how relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial) play into the delicate game of time management, explore whether gender & ubringing have an impact on our ideas of "sacrifice", and dive into the complicated nuances of conflicting advice on social media.
Our guests today are Alyssa & Alexis of Lotus Magazine, an e-magazine that serves as a platform for self-identifying Asian American womxn, especially focusing on cultivating a sense of community by elevating voices and stories that are often overlooked. They upload a new issue on a bi-monthly basis, and us EYC girls are on the Sept/Oct issue.

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