Episode 11: Love, Your Immigrant Parents

July 17, 2019

Our parents are superheroes. One morning, after long deliberation, they decided they wanted a better life for their families and packed their bags, trading in their comfortable lives for challenging ones. They conquered the difficulty of an unfamiliar language, navigated the brand new culture, and explored countless communities to fit into the new country. They left behind their parents, their loved ones, their closest friends. They are immigrants, and they are our everyday inspirations.
Today we dive deep into our parents’ immigration journeys, and discuss our experiences growing up with immigrant parents - from everything to being embarrassed about their broken English, to learning to express love through every way except saying the L word.)

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12:00 Sponsorship, ok Crystal clarified with her mom: a sponsor was needed if you were going to school in the new country and needed a student visa (Crystal's parents were enrolling in Canadian university to get their Canadian master degrees). The sponsor would sign with the intent/proof that they could pay for the education. If the person coming to study in the new country already has enough money/proof that they can pay for the education, then they would not require a sponsor for their student visa.
American student visa rules , Canadian student visa rules
27:22 Pork Floss
51:18 Mission Peak is referring to a 6 mile hike in Fremont, popular for the totem pole and beautiful view at the top. Parts of it are super steep and the trail has 0 shade - which is why Tanaya and Jeesoo are so astonished.