Episode 10: Let's Go Out!

July 10, 2019

We've made it to episode 10! A perfect excuse to go out and celebrate (':
Join us today on our very special episode, where we chat about going out, fantasize about our ideal night out, and share tips about how to avoid peer pressure, pace yourself through the night, and fit in when you’re a lightweight.
Just a warning - in all of our vacay-happiness and bliss of hitting the big 10, this episode contains a lot of ratchet stories and way more cussing than usual. (Sorry!)

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04:45 “yak and rally” is basically a college student’s favorite strategy, this is the ability to throw up when you’re too drunk but still get back to the party and drink even more 😎
06:20 “T” - we are referring to alcohol tolerance, AKA how much you can drink before dying.
10:15 Amy’s favorite chase: Guava Juice, particularly the Kern's brand.
11:05 Jeesoo’s favorite chase: Cactus Cooler, orange-flavored soda that’s mostly sold in SoCal.
11:35 Crystal’s favorite alcohol: Makgeolli, Korean rice wine that’s milky and sweet.
12:18 Gaam is a Korean lounge in K-Town LA that we like to frequent when we’re in the area.
29:20 Baseball is a drinking game that combines beer pong and flip cup with the standard baseball rules.
32:20 White Claw is an alcoholic Seltzer water.
45:20 BCD Tofu House, Sun Nong Dan
45:25 Carne Asada Fries/Christian Fries from Vallartas.